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The art of cookie

For us, the cookie is an art ! We want it to speak , to tell a story and to be part of yours. We want it to represent and present well. We want it to be beautiful and, above all, good!

From the creation of the mold to the packaging, through the production of the dough, the application of the stamp and the icing, everything is done entirely by hand .


Buffered Cookies

Cookies that talk!

Do you have a message to convey? An announcement, a thank you, a request. Want to mark the occasion with a date, a first name, and even a logo? Everything is possible because we create your ideal cookie for you!

You choose the message, the writing, the shape and the taste of your cookies.

Here are some achievements to inspire you. Don't see a shape or script you like? We create it for you!

*le prix est dégressif en fonction des quantités demandées
Between €3 and €8/pc

Iced Cookies

Edible art!

Do you want to bring color to your table when you receive guests, amaze your children with their favorite theme of the moment for their birthday or even offer an original souvenir when your little one is born? With iced cookies you'll get the "wow" effect you're looking for!

Iced cookies are generous cookies! They are thick (about 1cm), their size can vary depending on the model and go up to 13cm! They are made entirely by hand: the previously colored royal icing is applied with a piping bag, detail by detail, with drying times in between. This work usually takes several days depending on the complexity of the model.

Each glazed biscuit requires different work, which is why it is impossible to provide a price list. However, to give you an idea of prices, you will find below some examples of our creations.



Small models with a simple solid color.

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