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Read carefully before filling the form

Iced cookies only: 15 pieces minimum

Stamped cookies only: 20 pieces minimum

Iced and stamped: 15 iced and 10 stamped minimum

Only 1 personalized stamp included per order. 5€ per additional stamp.


For more details see the Cookies tab. Be aware, however, that for a creation of personalized iced cookies, you will be on average at 75€ for 15 cookies.


For iced cookies, we recommend 2 months before the date of the event. For stamped ones, we recommend 1 month but we take last minute orders more easily.

In any case, your order must be placed before starting the production week, so Sunday evening at the latest.

During holidays and annual occasions such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc., we offer special packages. At these times, we reserve the week or two before for the production of these cookies only.


Orders are collected on Fridays between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. at the workshop in Liège.

If you wish to have your order before Friday end of the day, the order must be made the previous week. Postal delivery is quite possible, do not hesitate to ask.


Stamped cookies will keep for 2 months and iced ones for 6 weeks. If they are not individually wrapped, we advise you to transfer them to a metal box. Store them in a dry and cool place, but not in the fridge because it is a humid environment.

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