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The birth of a passion

How it all began...

I am Cinthya , creator of Happy Biscuits!

The seed of Happy Biscuits grew in me when I was pregnant with my daughter, Élise. I wanted an original and tasty birth gift. That's when I came up with the idea of personalized cookies with his first name. As I also have a graphic background, I made the invitation and the matching label for the packaging of the biscuits. When I got the opportunity to go for a new challenge, I thought of these cookies again and that's when Happy Biscuits was born!

And then...

Quickly, a friend asked me if I could make a colorful cookie in the shape of a tuxedo. It was with these cookies that I entered the world of royal icing cookies. Why royal icing rather than sugar paste? The taste and especially the texture! The royal icing is thin and crunchy in the mouth, where the sugar paste is thick and soft and brings nothing in terms of tasting.

And now...

Every day, I have the chance to live from my passion by creating with you and for you, the cookies that will mark your events. What a pleasure to know that I participate in my own way in all these good moments of your life. Happy biscuits, it's me but it's above all you, and your projects that allow me to reinvent myself every week! How could I get tired of this job ?

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